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Klēn Pouf- the shower pouf with the soap built in!

  • 1299

The Klēn Soap Pouf is a natural, easy way to clean and gently exfoliate your skin in the shower or bath.

We start with a natural olive oil soap base, add coconut oil and shea butter and finish with a light scent that comes in six choices. We go a step further and add in a pouf that will gently exfoliate while the soap cleans and moisturizes your skin.

We recommend following this with a Klēn cream or Klēn twist in the same scent for scent layering that will last all day.

Your scent choices are pink sugar, lemon lavender, lemon verbena, honey orange, coconut lime verbena and happy(jasmine).

The Klēn pouf should last for 30 -35 showers.